Overview – Tuesday – March 23

9:00am – 9:05am

Welcome | Morning sessions

9:05am – 9:20am

Fintech and its role in the new digital economy

This keynote session explores the impact and role of digital resources and jobs in developing financial services and Australia’s broader economy.

Senator the Hon. Jane Hume

Minister for superannuation, financial services and the digital economy, Parliament of Australia


Colin Tate

Chief executive, Conexus Financial

9:20am – 9:45am

Faster Forward: custody and global securities services in 2030

Custodians have always adapted their operations to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of their clients. However, as the industry transitions to digital ecosystems, the rate of change will continue to increase, and they will need to be more flexible, agile and creative than ever before. This session will discuss how global custodians will act as digital conduits for clients.

Pete Cherecwich

President of corporate & institutional Services, ‎Northern Trust Corporation


Colin Tate

Chief executive, Conexus Financial

9:45am – 10:20am

Post-COVID learnings: Operational best practice in a dislocated market

The pandemic and its lockdowns inspired rapid action to move workers away from offices and perform most business functions remotely. This session considers the key learnings from the period and building better processes and procedures for similar future events.

Sally Collins

Chief operating officer, Victorian Funds Management Corporation

Peter Curtis

Group executive, finance & operations, AustralianSuper

Lounarda David

Chief operating officer, IFM Investors


Alex Proimos

Head of institutional content, domestic, Conexus Financial

10:20am – 10:45am

Data management: Truth in an age of opinions

Whilst media bifurcates around political and ideological judgments, and operational success relies on a single truth source. This session explores the challenges with data quality, transparency and integration in offering investors a flexible and seamless capture of their data.

Dominic Dowd

Director, North America, Shoreline

Zion Hilelly

Managing director and head of operations, IHS Markit


Laurence Parker-Brown

Institutional content producer

10:45am – 11:10am

Data as a service: Experiences in the tendering process

Many organisations will consider engaging suppliers to offer data as a service to their operational process. However, there are often internal objections over the complexity, uncertainty of outcomes and unintended consequences of these projects. This session lifts the lid on the questions to ask within a tendering process to best understand the opportunities and challenges with commissioning data-as-a-service support.

Stuart Hill

Head of investment operations, Local Government Super

Guillaume Rondy

Head of APAC data management, Simcorp

Bruce Russell

Executive director, Shoreline


Alex Proimos

Head of institutional content, domestic, Conexus Financial

11:10am – 11:35am

Fintech meets mainstream: The intersection of disruption and capacity

In an age when almost every business needs to think about its digital footprint and capabilities, a disconnect can form between the entity's tech ambitions and its plans. This session covers organisations’ best questions as they approach fintech and learn to articulate their fears around the roadmap to rethinking their operations processes.

Geoff Hodge

Chairman, Milestone Group

Noam Tasch

Co-head of digital & fintech, BNY Mellon


Laurence Parker-Brown

Institutional content producer

11:35am – 12:00pm

ACSA awards and annual update

David Knights, chair of ACSA will provide a keynote and the annual awards ceremony including the Conexus Financial 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rob Brown

Chief executive, Australian Custodial Services Association

David Knights

Chair, Australian Custodial Services Association


Colin Tate

Chief executive, Conexus Financial

3:00pm – 3:05pm

Welcome | Afternoon sessions

3:05pm – 3:40pm

The triple threat to operations in 2021

With new regulations, working trends and digital disruption to reconcile, the impact of ESG, YFYS reforms and the new APRA reporting tools for organisations to resolve to thrive in these unprecedented times. It will also explore the recent EU legislation on operational resilience and its means for global investors.

David Bell

Executive director, Conexus Institute

Craig Roodt

Director, investment and wealth advisory, Deloitte

Philippe Tassin

Head of asset owners and asset managers, Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas


Alex Proimos

Head of institutional content, domestic, Conexus Financial

3:40pm – 4:05pm

People and COVID: Sourcing, training and retaining the new generation

Considerable effort is underway to make careers in operations more prominent across society to offer organisations the breadth of insights and skills needed for the decades to come. However, 2020 involved significant disruption to these initiatives as advocacy, training and mentoring are required to take a virtual form. This session updates the community on the progress made and how to reshape human resource thinking in a digital environment. 

Jack Brown

Senior consultant, TOM executive


Laurence Parker-Brown

Institutional content producer

4:05pm – 4:30pm

Digital due diligence: Getting insights in a virtual interaction

Understanding as much as possible about an investment used to mean site visits and checking claims across an organisation. With digital due diligence allowing for constrained enquiry, this session explores techniques to uncover hidden messages, including tips from body language experts and clues from micro-expressions.

Rick DiMascio

Founder and chief executive, Inalytics

Alex Wise

Head of Australia, Castle Hall


Jo Leaper

Senior manager, operation consulting, JANA

4:30pm – 5:00pm

Digital leadership in the 21st century

Stephen Scheeler is the former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, where he helped guide Facebook's unprecedented rise from quirky Silicon Valley success story to media and technology titan.

Stephen Scheeler

Chief executive, the digital CEO


Colin Tate

Chief executive, Conexus Financial

5:00pm – 6:00pm


This session is an opportunity for delegates to hold informal conversations using Remo networking technology.


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